Weird Criminal Law Stories 198

North Carolina: A North Carolina State University freshman was found nude inside the school library surrounded by more than 1,000 books he had allegedly knocked off the shelves.  He was charged with simple assault and indecent exposure after threatening onlookers.

Ah….The pressure of college…

Canada: What a scam.  A Canadian man was sentenced to four years in prison for creating an online dating service that matched paying clients with fake dates. Barrie Turner,66, was sentenced to four years and order to pay $300,000 in restitution to 1,000 customers who were scammed by the elaborately created profiles.  If anyone wanted to meet their fictional dates, they received an email saying that the person wasn’t interested anymore.

What a cruel way to break hearts…

Gurnee, IL: We learn that a woman in Gurnee was arrested for threatening a police officer with what a  police report describes as a “clear, rigid feminine pleasure device.” Police approached the 56 year old woman after a restaurant complained that she walked out without paying.  The woman said she had the money at home, and since she appeared intoxicated, police escorted her home. She walked into her bedroom and came out brandishing the weapon over her head.  A police officer knocked it out of her hand before she could hit him with it.

Saved from the dildo. What a hero.

Germany: A court in Germany has banned a tattoo artist from inking the well known Rolling Stones mouth and tongue logo on the hindquarters of his pet pony. We learn that the artist argued that he merely wanted to beautify the small horse, but the court said it wqs just going to be an ad for his tattoo business.

Can’t get no satisfaction…

Idaho:  How about this one.  A woman in Idaho has been arrested for allegedly posing as a plastic surgeon and performing breast exams on other women…in a bar.  Kristina Ross went by the name of “Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowan,” and got caught after her patients went to a real doctor,  police report.

What a boob!

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