Weird Criminal Law Stories 199

Ohio: We learn that the state of Ohio is reviewing its rules about the last words of condemned prisoners after a death row inmate ranted on for 17 minutes before he was executed in May, 2010.  Michael Beuke prayed, repeated the rosary and said 53 hail Marys.

…blessed art thou among women!

Arizona: A man who allegedly kidnapped a teenage girl and held her hostage briefly fought off police by throwing beer bottles at them.  Police moving in to rescue the 14 year old runaway dodged the beer bottles and a flying chair before a swat team rescued her.


France: A French farmer was fined $680 after police caught him feeding marijuana to his ducks.  Michael Rouyer was not trying to make fois gras by giving the birds the munchies — he contends he just thought the marijuana would keep them from getting worms.

Yeah, right.  He wanted them high…. They would be more tasty.

Maryland: High on cold medicine and marijuana a Maryland woman broke into a neighbor’s house by smashing a dining room window with her head.  At the time she was hallucinating that she was getting married and her mother was trapped inside the house.  Melissa Wagaman, 33, was wearing a bridal skirt and a veil during the break in.  She was given a five year prison sentence.

Cuckooo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo…

New Zealand: Gordon Hieatt strangled his girlfriend, Nuttidar Vaikaew, in April 2010 and then kept her body in his apartment for weeks until the stench made his landlord suspicious, according to a police report.  The first night after the the murder Hieatt said he slept with the dead woman. He insisted, though, he was a gentleman for the entire evening.


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