Weird Criminal Law Stories 201

Lynn, MA:  A  teenager from Lynn is suing his middle school teacher, who had allegedly been dating the boy since he was 14, after she ended the relationship when he turned 18.  Justice Gonzalez maintains that seventh grade teacher Kristen Rillovick, 31, bought him a cellphone and a car, got him a job and had the boy move in with her when he was 16. According to his court papers Rillovick ended their relationship after he dropped out of school to move with her to Florida.

Talk about living in sin…..

Spartanburg County, SC:  Police in in Spartanburg were surprised to find a handgun decorating a grave.  They found that a woman who had not been feeling well had consulted a spiritual advisor who told her that to cleanse her soul she should return an object that had been given to her. So she she gave back a handgun that a man had given her twelve years earlier.  Unfortunately, he was now dead, so she decided to leave it at his grave.  No arrest was made.  No word, either, as whether she is now feeing better.

The New York Post headline to this story read: “This cemetery was sporting guns and roses.”

St. Louis, MO: We learn that drug dealers in St. Louis are now taking Food Stamps. Police maintain that one dealer let his customers pay with their food Stamp benefit cards.  The buyers let the drug dealer have their PIN numbers so that he could use their cards in exchange for drugs.

OMG! Times are hard all over!

Evans City, PA: Dana Bowser accidentally drove off a a raised section of highway in her pickup truck and plunged into the the treetops 30 feet above the ground.  Police were able to rescue her.  However, they gave her several tickets.

Tickets for flying without a license, most likely….

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