Weird Criminal Law Stories 200

Here is the 200th edition of Professor Birdsong’s Weird Criminal Law Stories. Enjoy!

Galveston, TX: Here’s an ironic one. An outlaw in Galveston saw an apparently empty auto near the beach and drove off with it. However, he soon realized a toddler was strapped in the back seat, he immediately drove back to where he had stolen the vehicle.  He then hollered at the parents, warning them to never leave a child alone in a car…you never know when a thief may come along.  No word whether he was caught by police.

Ironic, huh!

Miami, FL: It has been reported that a naked man who was seen in a lawn chair across the street from a burning building pointing and laughing is now the  main suspect in the setting of the blaze.  No arrests have been made in the Miami fire, but victims know something was not right.  One of the burned out victims contended, “He was on his porch naked and laughing at the whole thing.

Police, of course, want to find  out the “naked truth” about the blaze.

France: The price of these burgers are the crime!  A chain of fast food eateries in France called “Quick” have started selling their “Supreme Foie Gras Burgers,” a beef patty topped with a pate made from goose liver.  The burgers cost $10, but you also get fries and a drink.

Sacre Bleu!

Germany:  Here’s another one about fast food.  A teenager in Germany riding a 12 ton farm tractor wrecked the drive through window at a McDonald’s restaurant when he decided to ride through and place an order.  The teenage boy was fined $4,700.  He explained to the police that he assumed the large vehicle would fit the tight space.

Gott en Himmel!

Germany: Here’s another from Germany.  A German man decided to wall off the entrance of his basement but ended up on the wrong side of the wall when he finished.  The 64 year old man broke out of his predicament by breaking through his neighbor’s firewall.  He is now being investigated on trespass charges.


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