Weird Criminal Law Stories 209

Tucson, AZ: We learn that  in February 2011, police finally captured the Arizona “techno-pirate” who had allegedly managed to insert a 37 second porno clip into a cable company’s local telecast of the 2009 super Bowl.  The so called, “flesh flash,” forced Comcast to pay out $10 “we’re sorry” refunds to 80,000 Tucson subscribers.

Wow, that must have been some sexy, hot scene!

Beachwood, OH: Ohio police are looking for a thief who stole an artificial heart.  The stolen heart is worth $20,000 and its additional parts valued at $10,000 were stolen from Perfusion Solution, Inc, in January.  Police and company officials maintain they have no idea who the “heartless” thief could be.

We get it. “heartless,” yuk,yuk, yuk…..

Chicago, IL: The winter of 2011 brought the country a great deal of snow. Here’s a story about snow revenge. A Chicago man had setup a surveillance camera at his home.  After one of the winter snowstorms his camera picked up a neighbor stealing his snow shovel, he retaliated by using his snow blower to bury the woman’s car. We learn it took her four hours to dig her car out.

Revenge is best served snowy…

Sacramento, CA: The headline read: His false teeth came back to bite him.”  The New York Post reports that  police in Sacramento arrested a 53 year old bandit because he left his false teeth in the stolen car he was driving when he fled the scene of an accident he had caused.  The airbag deployed after he crashed into two vehicles, dislodging his dentures, which police found on the floorboards of the car.

His defense attorney will argue in closing that, “The teeth don’t fit and you must acquit…”

China: It has come to our attention that people in China may soon be given this choice: Visit you parents at their home, or you will see them in court.  Why? Well, because a new proposed law would require to visit their elderly parents, and allow Mommy and Daddy to sue them if they don’t.

China is taking this litigation thing a bit too far.

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