Weird Criminal Law Stories From Abroad

Italy:  An Italian man hit in the head by a stray bullet on New Year’s Eve miraculously survived.  The bullet entered the right side of 28 year old Darco Sangermano’s head, passed behind his eye and hit a nose bone, before lodging in his right nostril.  While at a Naples hospital, Sangermano sneezed, and the bullet  came out of his nose.  Aside from a headache he left the hospital feeling very well.


Germany: A court in Cologne has ruled that business owners have the right to order female workers to wear bras on the job.  The court further ruled that the bras must be white or flesh colored, because darker colored bras can often be seen through blouses.

Who knew?

England: A British woman was sentenced to 24 weeks in jail for drawing disability benefits for 10 years — while never missing her golf games.  Valerie Lewis, 55, pocketed more than $60,000 by claiming she could barely get out of  bed because of back pain.  She was arrested after investigators took videos of her on the golf course.


New Zealand:  This tourist overstayed his visit.  A German man who spent two decades camping around New Zealand and had spent the last few years trying to avoid police over a 2004 assault case was finally caught, arrested and deported. Jurgen Karl Aherns, 72, was about to go kayaking when he was apprehended in a national park.


Germany:  How about this one.  Two bungling burglars were forced to call police after they got stuck un the building they were burglarizing in Berlin.  “This sounds dumb,” one of them said when he telephoned the police.  “But I am afraid that we wanted to break in and the elevator has gotten stuck.”  The embarrassed burglars were arrested by police.  The police are still having a good laugh about this one.


Scotland:  We learn that a Scottish toddler has played the role of an AA sponsor to his 39 year old  baby sitter.  He called 911 on her after she drank a full bottle of wine and nearly passed out while she was watching him.  The youngster even went so far as to open the door for and let the police in.  It was good that he did.  The drunken sitter threw a wine glass at the police. We have not learned whether an arrest was made.


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