Weird Criminal Law Stories 208

Indiana: An Indiana man told police he did not know the woman he was having sex with was dead.  Richard Elwood Sanden, who had been arrested for necrophilia, said he had been seeing her for a few months, and did not realize she was dead until he noticed during sex that she wasn’t breathings.

Richard is one sick puppy.

Tampa, FL:  A Tampa police employee was punished after running a personal errand in a department vehicle — the police helicopter.  The helicopter pilot reportedly took the chopper to the St. Petersburg airport to drop off a fishing net to a friend of his.


California:  A Southern California man could face up to nine years in federal prison after he pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns.  The convictions against Albert Bront, 51 will probably also hurt his career and lead to his firing by his current employer. Ironically, Bront is a revenue agent for the IRS.


Bensalem, PA: A man in the Philly suburb of Bensalem pulled a gun on another man who blew some snow on his car with a snow blower. “Somebody better move the snow or somebody is going to get shot,” Eddie Simmons allegedly said. We learn that cooler heads prevailed and Simmons did not pull the trigger.

The headline read: “Almost snow-blown away.”

Canada: A man in Gatineau, Quebec, wants gun wielding police to apologize for wrongly breaking into his home, believing an out of control pot party was underway inside.  Officers told the terrified and innocent homeowner it was all a mistake.  You see, police had mistaken the odor of a skunk for the aroma of marijuana.

This sounds so bogus!  Pot smoke and skunk odor smell nothing alike. They must have been smoking something themselves.

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