Weird Criminal Law Stories 207

Wasecca, MN: Terry Lester of Wasecca was arrested for allegedly packing gunpowder and BB’s into a sex toy that he gave his ex-girlfriend as a parting gift. The couple’s relationship was described as troubled.

…but the sex was apparently a blast!

Taiwan: We learn that Taiwan has devised a new way to crack down on tax evaders.  They are banned from taking taxi rides. The government in Taiwan decided that people who owe back  taxes should not have the right to an “extravagance” such as a taxi when they could be paying the taxes they owe. Those who owe taxes are also banned from taking high speed trains or purchasing anything that costs more than $68.

Good luck in enforcing this one!

Germany: A dominatrix in a cat suit caused a terror scare in Gunzburg when she was spotted walking one of her clients down the  street wearing a latex suit and a gas mask.  The mask made some passersby fear there might have been a poison gas attack under way and police were summoned.


Dallas, TX: A Dallas driver was pulled over by police.  The driver, knowing that there was an arrest warrant out for him on drug charges gave police his cousin’s name instead of his true name.  Bad move! The cousin was also wanted on an arrest warrant for alleged child molestation. However, it is reported that things worked out “doubly well” for the police.  They got the driver and his cousin turned himself in after learning about his relative’s arrest.

Right! Double your pleasure, double your fun…

Alliance, OH: A woman arrested for an alleged DWI told police that she was “taking her child to school,” during a midnight joyride.  Tammi Benning, 33,was booked in Alliance with her 5 year old child in the car.  She had had allegedly caused an accident around midnight and had left the scene.

She’s an idiot.

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