Weird Criminal Law Stories 206

Here are some weird criminal law stories from the beginning of 2011.  Enjoy!

England: British authorities have shut down a small airline company that charged couples $1,000 to have have sex while in flight.  Mike Crisp, who founded Mile High Flights was dismayed at British bureaucrats for their “prudish snobbery.”  The authorities cite safety concerns, fearing the pilots may become distracted by the antics of the lusty couples.

Making whoopee aloft is no more…

Kiln, MS: We learn that a police officer in in Kiln recently used a Taser to stop an out of control camel who attacked him.  The officer was investigating at the home of Donna Berdine, owner of the camel and a zebra, about complaints the camel had attacked two people in the past month.

Wonder  why anyone in Mississippi  needs a camel and a zebra???

Fort Pierce, FL: A car thief broke into van in Fort Pierce, apparently not realizing the van belonged to a funeral home.  As the thief drove along, he noticed he was sharing his ride with the corpse of a dead 98 year old woman.  He became so unnerved at the sight that he ditched the van just two blocks away and ran off.  No arrest has been made.


New Hampshire: John Coughlin speeding down a New Hampshire road at 102 mph was trying to get his pregnant wife to a hospital before she gave birth. When Coughlin realized that a police cruiser was chasing him, he called 911.  The police officer shifted gears and began to escort him to the hospital. Once at the hospital the officer issued Coughlin a speeding ticket and told him, “Good news: Congratulations on your new son.  Bad news: I’ll see you in court!”

Wow! What a tough cop!

Mexico: It has been reported that two circus clowns have become the latest victims of drug violence in Mexico. The clowns were shot to death in the town of Villahermosa by gangsters who believed that they were informants.  It  was further reported that the clowns were found still wearing their gaudy clothes, make up and floppy shoes.

This is a sad take on the song “Send in the Clowns….


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