Weird Criminal Law Stories 205

Georgia:  We learn that the state of Georgia has a zero tolerance policy for common painkillers.  A mother and daughter face drug charges after school officials confiscated a dozen ibuprofen pills from the 12 year old girl’s purse.  Each pill weighed 800 milligrams and state law deems that any ibuprofen dose  more than 200 milligrams is a dangerous drug.

That is so bogus!  We are criminalizing way too much…

Larksville, PA: Alan Kocher, 20, told police he would not have committed robbery and assault if he hadn’t drank a great amount of  the controversial caffeinated drink Four Loko. He allegedly stole $5 dollars from a young boy.  Kocher admitted to police it had been, “a stupid thing to do.”

Four Loko again makes ’em loco!

Austria: An Austrian man has been fined $1,000 after his Muslim neighbors became offended by his traditional yodeling.  The neighbors believed the yodeling was a mocking of their islamic call to prayer.  However, Helmut Griese said he yodeled because he was “in a good mood.”

It is seldom pretty when east meets west…

Hoffman Estates, IL: Dominique Buttitta, a 32 year old lawyer from this Chicago suburb is suing Vito Salerno, 31, for $95,000 for cancelling their wedding.  Ms. Buttitta maintains Salerno dumped her four days before the ceremony, and wants him to repay the money she had paid to rent the hall and buy the food for the reception.  She lost it all due to the cancellation.

Think she will win in court? Probably not….

Oklahoma:  An Oklahoma state legislator shot a deer while out hunting.  He then called the media and bragged about his hunting skills.  However, there was a problem — state Representative   Terry Harrison did not have a hunting permit.  He was fined $296.

Mighty expensive venison, wouldn’t you say.

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