Weird Criminal law Stories 204

Florida: How is this for a shoplifting caper.  Two Florida women were arrested for shoplifting from a mall clothing store.  When the women left a dressing room, one of them handed the sales clerk a folded diaper, and asked her to throw it out for her.  Inside the diaper were anti-shoplifting tags which police say they allegedly had removed.

Perhaps, the sales clerk was suspicious because neither woman had a baby with her.

Louisville, KY: This guy was a real klutz!  Nicholas Fultz had a bad day back in December 2010.  He first burned himself badly while cooking crystal meth, police said. When  he went to the hospital for treatment, police came over to question him. Fultz then fled by crawling into a ceiling crawlspace.  He crawled  a short distance but the ceiling gave way and he crashed down into the emergency room where police arrested him.

What a dummy!

England: We learn that a gang of British burglars have been targeting homes that are equipped with Jacuzzis so that they have a hot dip before making off with stolen property.  In one of their jobs the burglars — described as being relaxed and pruney — actually left behind their underwear.

Obviously their nickers were not in a twist!

England: Two British police officers responding to a pizza delivery man being attacked ate up the evidence — the two pizza pies the victim had delivered to his attackers.  Fortunately, the pizza  boxes, which the police almost threw out, listed the suspects’ address and phone number.

There’s nothing like slinging pies…

Boston, MA: A Boston bank robber, Dmitri Long, 34, has been dubbed the “U30 Bandit” because he can rob a bank and be gone in under 30 seconds.  he was caught after his latest heist and pled guilty.  While awaiting sentencing he wrote to the Judge: “I would like to go home to my mom while she is still alive and still have time to start a family with my girlfriend before her biological clock run out.” Unfortunately he  is looking at a 20 year stretch.

He sounds like a real wuss…

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