Weird Criminal Law Stories 220

Canada: When things go wrong for some criminals they really go wrong. We learn a Canadian criminal was late for his meeting with police. As part of his bail conditions the 24 year old convict had to check in with  Sudbury, Ontario, police.  He was running late and parked his car illegally in a handicap spot outside the station house.  That certainly got the attention of the police. On checking out the convict’s car they found not only was he illegally parked, but they also discovered his driver’s license had been suspended, the car had bogus license plates on  it and he was carrying two counterfeit bills on him.

OMG! He hit the trifecta of criminal wrongdoing all in one day.

Lincoln, NE:  Yep, a Nebraska thief picked the wrong car stereo to steal.  He took a Lincoln man’s one of a kind sound system then got arrested when he went to a sound  shop to have the stolen equipment installed in his own car.  As it turned out the manager of the shop was the victim of the theft.

Ironic, no?

Vero Beach, FL: The story was recently reported in the New York Post: A masked bandit stole purses from two women playing at a Vero Beach golf course.  The first victim, Eunice Messick said after her purse was taken from her golf cart she went through the procedures of filing a police report, canceling her credit cards and changing the locks at her home. Then the thief targeted another woman. “She saw a raccoon grab her purse, take it from the golf cart and carry it into the bushes,” said course manager Bob Komarinetz. He followed the raccoon into the bushes and found “stashed loot from both heists.

A masked bandit, indeed!

Jacksonville, Fl: Here’s another story out of Florida.  An 85 year old Jacksonville man foiled a would be armed robber by hitting him in the head with a frying pan and then sticking him in the side with a pitchfork.  As the would be  robber fled, Korean War veteran Bobby Smith called police. An arrest was soon made.

Don’t mess with vets!

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