Weird Criminal Law Stories 221

Kansas: A Kansas teen got  Tasered.  Why you ask?  he was Tasered for refusing to pull up his sagging pants.  Jonathan Villarreal, 17, said he also suffered a broken arm in the tussle with campus officers at Derby High School.  Local police are now investigating Villarreal’s claims of injury.


Bartow, FL: Here is another Taser story.  Bradley Gummow, 33,  a teacher was pulled over for a traffic stop in Bartow.  Police report that they saw a plastic bag in Gummow’s mouth.  When he refused to remove it and show it to them they Tasered him.  he allegedly spit out the plastic bag which held 4.7 grams of marijuana.  he was placed under arrest.


Pittsburgh, PA: Gary Felts, 46, and Stephen Lee, 44, were arrested in Pittsburgh for allegedly trying to steal a pair of massive elk antlers valued at more than $500,000. They tried to make off with the antlers, which were being used decorate the hall hosting the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.


Shenango Township, PA: A 3 year old boy was discovered walking down the street in the Township wearing just a T-shirt and carrying a blowtorch.  He had used the blowtorch to set his family’s garage and porch on fire.  The boy managed to do $5,000 damage while his mother was asleep.  Police picked up the child and returned him to his home.


Sweden: We learn an armed robber dressed as a large furry monkey managed to outrun security guards and police after he tried to rob a Swedish bank.  The report contends the robber “was not monkeying around — but it was unclear whether he got any money.”

Guess he made monkeys of the security guards and the police…

Florida: A would be carjacker was left beaten on the side of the road, after picking the wrong victim, police report.  Richard McCandles, 54, demanded that a driver hand over his keys, but the victim didn’t comply, according to police.  Instead, the would be victim beat the stuffing out of McCandles and drove off, according to the police report.


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