Weird Criminal Law Stories 222

Pensacola, FL: We learn that Michael Scott, 19, was recently arrested in a Pensacola Home Depot store while trying to purchase a bolt cutter.  Why? Michael had just escaped police custody moments earlier and he was still wearing handcuffs according to a police report.  Suspicious employees called the police.

Michael, you are a dope!

Duluth, MN: Here’s a weird fetish.  Christopher N. Bjerkness, 33, broke into a school storage room in hopes of living his sexual fetish — slicing and slashing exercise balls with a big knife.  Bjerkness went quietly into custody when school staffers arrived with the police.

What a weirdo.

Buffalo, NY:  It has been reported that a prisoner in a Buffalo jail had a tooth knocked out of his head when he stepped in to break up a fight.  The fight was between two corrections officers.  The officers were fighting over a bag of potato chips.

Nope, there are no good guys in jail.  They are all animals.

Buffalo, NY: Here is another zany one from Buffalo.  A robbery suspect handcuffed to a chair at a Buffalo police station managed to escape through the back door. It is reported that the chair also disappeared.

Tell him not to try to purchase a bolt cutter!

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