Weird Criminal Law Stories 223

Indiana:  State police in Indiana believe that a woman high on bath salts trashed a local hotel room.  Police found Tammy Winter, 42, sitting on the bed of the trashed room babbling incoherently about evil spirits and writing on the walls.  Some experts contend that snorting bath salts can cause hallucinations.

Good Lord. What next…

Albuquerque, NM:  A man was arrested in Albuquerque after he carjacked an ambulance in the nude. The parents of Christopher Halverson, 27, called the police and an ambulance, believing their son was having a drug induced psychotic breakdown.  Halverson jumped in the front seat of the ambulance, pushed the driver out of the way and took off.  He crashed the ambulance a block and a half later.


Omaha, NE: A  thirty eight year old suicidal Omaha man failed in his attempt to get police to kill him after a drunken incident in which he dressed up like a pirate and swung a 3 foot sword at officers.  Jonathan Martis was wearing a costume made by his mother when he got liquored up and called 911.  When police arrived at his home, he waved the sword at them and refused to drop it until one of them shot him.  They did not give him his wish.  He was taken to the station house to dry out.


CHELAN COUNTY, WA: Recently sheriff’s deputies in Chelan County were chasing Jesse Sanford for a burglary he had just committed.  They found Sanford after he took shelter in a portable toilet. He was arrested for the burglary of a home in East Wenatchee after his wallet was found in the burglarized home.

Police say they had “no trouble flushing him out.”

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