Weird Criminal Law Stories 224

Okeechobee, FL: Criminals can be so stupid.  This one did not bring a bag with him to the bank he was robbing.  Joseph Price, 61, handed a note to a teller at the PNC bank in Okeechobee which demanded that she fill up a bag with cash for him. However, the quick thinking teller said she did not have a bag.  Price became confused and fled the bank on a bicycle empty handed. The police report indicated that Price was arrested seven minutes after fleeing the bank.


Houston, TX: More stupid bank robbers!  We learn that four people were just indicted in Houston for bank robbery after bragging about their $62,000 heist on Facebook.  One of the suspects posted, “I’m Rich.” another triumphantly posted, “Wipe my teeth with money.”


MEXICO: Members of the “Knights Templars,” a Mexican drug gang has just issued a “code of conduct” handbook to each of its members.  The code mandates that gang members shall treat women and children well, not kill only for money, and refrain from drug use. It also suggests regular drug testing for members.


AUSTRIA: An Austrian atheist has won his court battle to gain the right to be shown on his driver’s license photo wearing a pasta strainer on his head. Niko Alm contends he belongs to “The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,” and that makes him a “pastafarian.”

Pastafarian…That’s a good one. Yuk, Yuk…

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