Weird Criminal Law Stories 225

ITALY: It has been reported that Italian police could not have found a better place for an accused thief who disguised himself by dressing as a priest.  The accused man, wearing a floor length cassock, was taken to  the Queen of  Heaven jail.  We understand the jail is not far from the Vatican.

Jesus, Mary, and  Joseph, what’s next?

Redwood, CA: A certain California man was arrested for  allegedly burglarizing his former girlfriend’s home and stealing jewelry, clothes and personal items. Jason Davis, 34, was found by police because he left his iPhone in the bathtub of the former girlfriend.


ORLANDO, FL: An Orlando man was arrested for allegedly stealing a swan from a park. A witness saw Geffre Smart, 24, take the swan from lake Eola Park, police report.  The witness called police, who followed  a trail of feathers to Smart’s home. it was further reported that the swan was not injured and smart was charged with theft and cruelty to animals.

Smart wasn’t very smart.  What do you do with a Lake Eola swan?

Atlanta, GA: The city of Atlanta police department is investigating two of its officers videotaped forcing drivers to move their cars from illegal parking spaces — only to take those spaces for themselves.  In footage aired on a local TV station, one driver could be heard yelling, “You parked on the street to get your  lunch, and you were going to write us a ticket?”

Police can park anywhere they want to park, buddy!

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