Weird Criminal Law Stories 227

Abbeville, LA: Not so long ago workers stumbled upon the corpse of Joseph Schexnider lodged in the chimney of a bank. He had vanished in 1984, ahead of a court appearance for driving a stolen vehicle. Police speculate that he had been trying to rob the bank, but he had no burglary tools and no bag to carry away stolen money.

No mystery here.  This sounds like a mob dump job that took 27 years before it was discovered.

Daytona Beach, FL:  This one is about a man facing assault charges for assaulting his girlfriend with a grilled cheese sandwich. It appears that the assault ocurred when a furious Todd Harvey allegedly mashed the sandwich into Amanda Fulford’s face.  Hungry for revenge, she tried to bite off his tongue.


ILLINOIS: A Illinois man is in jail where he maintains that he was falsely arrested. He demands that the government give him his own country as compensation for the false arrest.  Johnathan Pinney filed a suit demanding that his new nation be big enough to hold 5,000 citizens.  He further contends that a piece of Alaska would be acceptable as would a private island.

Johnathan don’t hold your breath waiting for your compensation.

Richmond Hills, TX: The summer of 2011 was really hot, especially in Texas where some thieves decided to steal a swimming pool.  The thieves dismantled and carted away an above ground swimming pool from a family’s back yard as temperatures reached 100 degrees.

Did they also take the pool water?

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