Weird Criminal Law Stories 228

Olympia, WA: How about this one! A Washington state candidate for a civilian position with with the state trooper force is now looking for a new job opportunity after leaving his study materials where they could be found.  A worker in the agency’s Olympia headquarters spotted a a book, “How to Beat the Lie Detector,” in a car parked in the agency’s parking lot.

The worker called Human Resources and asked, “Are you you running any candidates through the process today?”  She was told “Why yes, there’s a fellow taking the polygraph exam right now.”

Hoist by his own petard!

San Antonio, TX: This attorney did his job much too well! The offices of Jay Norton in San Antonio burglarized by a man whom the attorney had

just helped gain acquittal on a theft charge. In an ironic twist, the accused thief, Roger Ybarra, is a former police officer.

No good deed goes unpunished…

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