Weird Criminal Law Stories 229

Newport Richey, FL: This story must have a hole in it.  A Dunkin’ Donuts worker in Florida who took home end of the day unsold pastries has been arrested for grand theft. A manager at the Newport Richey stored pressed criminal charges after the employee defied a standing order to throw out the leftovers.

An idiotic policy in light of all the hungry people out there…

LOUISIANA: State police pulled over an 8 year old boy driving a pickup truck.  The youngster had a good excuse for driving the pickup.  His father was passed out drunk in the back seat, say authorities.  Billy Joe Madden, 28, of Mississippi was booked into custody while his son and 4 year old daughter, who was a passenger, were turned over to child protective service social workers.


College Park, WA: An Oregon woman allegedly stole a pickup truck and drove it across the state line to Washington.  Once in Washington she found a perfect parking spot — near a police station.  College Park police arrested the woman after they found the  stolen vehicle across the street from their headquarters.


CHINA: We hear that police in China are beginning to deal with a  new crime wave — gangs of light fingered pickpockets using chopsticks to steal wallets from unsuspecting victims.

OK! Drop those chopsticks and  put your hands in the air

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