Weird Criminal Law Stories 240

Mankato, MN: Two young girls wearing their PJ’s were seen walking along a street late at night leading a goat.  They told a police officer who stopped them that he was their pet, he lived in a closet and they sneaked him out for a nightly walks to keep their parents from knowing they had the pet.  An investigation revealed that the girls had attended a birthday party at a local zoo earlier in the day and had gone back that night to make the goat their own.

Goat rustlers?

 Oklahoma City, OK: We learn that Phil Ray Gage, 40, was arrested for mowing his lawn at 4:30 in the morning.  Gage was actually mowing the lawn of his next door neighbor who was out of town.  He told police he liked to mow in the predawn because he is an early riser. No arrest was made.

…and no good deed goes unpunished.

 Kansas City, MO: This one is about a carjacking gone terribly wrong.  A thief jumped on a woman’s car armed with a handgun and demanded that she give him the car.  She did not give him the car!  Instead, she drove, with the carjacker on the hood, at a high rate of speed to the nearest police station where she crashed into the building. Yes, the “jacker” did receive minor, but not life threatening injuries.

Bet this idiot will never try that one again…

 CONNECTICUT: A man was given a two part criminal sentence. The first part of the sentence was three years’ probation. Why? The man, Philip Conran, posted a fake ad for a sex party at a neighbor’s house on Craigslist.  Police became involved, reportedly, after a “parade of perverts” showed up, and one of them groped a girl.  The second part of the sentence entails Conran paying for a security system at his neighbor’s house.

How many perverts does it take to make up a parade?


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