Weird Criminal Law From Abroad

SWEDEN: A Swedish man was recently arrested for firing a gun out of a window of his apartment in an effort to shoot down a UFO.  It was his girlfriend who called the police on the man.  Although he was arrested, the man was in good spirits and told police that “all was OK because he was able to shoot down the attacking spaceship.”


 FRANCE: A 51 year old Frenchman was recently ordered by a court to pay $14,000 in damages to his former wife for not having enough sex with her during their 21 year marriage.

Viagra would have been cheaper….but not by much!

 PORTUGAL: We learn that two Australian men were arrested in Portugal for attempting to smuggle $500,000 worth of rhinoceros horns out of that country. Investigators allege that the father and son pair may have stolen six of the specimens from a museum and planned to sell them in China where many men believe that ground rhino horns will enhance sexual potency.

Again, Viagra would have been cheaper….but not by much!

 WALES, UK: How about this for a date? A Welsh woman who agreed to a blind date with a man she met on Facebook was in for a big surprise when he asked her to drive him to a betting shop in Rhondda, South Wales.  Once there he robbed the shop of its money.  He then forced her into his own house where they were both later arrested by police who did not believe the man acted alone.  The woman was released after the man owned up to the fact that she had no idea that he was going to rob the shop.

Her name was Bennett and she wasn’t in on it….


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