More Weird Florida Crime Stories

Miami, FL: A woman was arrested after she drew a picture of a bomb and wrote the word “Boom” on her friend’s suitcase as a prank before the friend left for the Miami airport. The friend tried to check the bag with the bomb picture on it. This caused a major airport alert.  The friend was not arrested but we are uncertain whether she made her flight.


 Clearwater, FL: Have you ever hear of “freelance stripping?”  It has been reported a Florida woman was arrested after she walked into the Baby Dolls gentlemen’s club in Clearwater, took off her clothes, got on stage and started dancing for tips.  However, the woman, Natalie Behnke was not employed by the club.  It was the real dancers that called police on her.

Did Baby Dolls have a boom boom room?

 Kissimmee, FL: Matthew Scheidt, 17, of Kissimmee successfully pretended to be a physician’s assistant in a local emergency room where he examined disrobed male patients, read confidential records, cleaned wounds and performed CPR.  When confronted by officials he alleged told police he was working undercover.  He has been charged with fraud as a juvenile while prosecutors determine whether they wish to try him as an adult.

Did he do a good job?

Key West, FL: Heard of man bites dog? Well, in this one dog Tases policeman. The policeman accidently fired a Taser into his own leg after a suspect’s dog jumped him.  Officer Curtiss Richard reported that he was answering a domestic disturbance call when he drew his Taser.  The dog bit his right forearm causing the self inflicted wound. The dog, Buddy, a five year old mixed breed was impounded and sentenced to 10 days in quarantine.


Okaloosa County, FL: We surmise that Robert Gwinn Stefanovich,19, might have been high when he let sheriff’s deputies come into his home and voluntarily showed them a toolbox, or, as he called it his ‘stoner box.” Gwinn was arrested for drug possession and having drug paraphernalia.


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