Weird Criminal Law Strories 239

 MARYLAND: Talk about Medicare fraud! One of the latest outrages involves a Maryland podiatrist who pleaded guilty to defrauding the Medicare program out of more than $1 million.  Larry Bernhard, 55, faces two years in prison after admitting to turning in fraudulent invoices.  Among those fraudulent invoices was one for foot care to a man who was a double leg amputee.

Go on and say it – Larry didn’t have a foot to stand on!

Florida: Eric Gein is trying to sell dirt from the site where a Cleveland, Ohio serial killer buried his 11 victims. He hopes to sell one gram bags of soil from the property of killer Anthony Sowell over the Internet for $25 a pack.  Gein admits, “We live in a sick world.”

 …and this idea is sicker than most!

Centre Hall, PA: A pair of newlyweds were recently arrested after they were seen allegedly shoplifting $1,000 worth of food for their wedding reception from a super market.  Arthur Phillips and Britany Lurch confessed to police that they had just been married and had hoped to feed their guests with the goods.

No way to start a marriage…

MEXICO: A woman who was embarrassed about failing to graduate from college made up a kidnapping story to tell her family why she failed to appear at the graduation ceremony.  Lucina Gayosso, 23, of Juarez, also told the fake story to police after her family called authorities.

Kidnapping in Mexico is serious business these days.


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