Weird Criminal Law Stories 238

Cincinnati, OH: A man was arrested for having sex with an inflatable pool raft. The owner of the raft saw Edwin Tobergta in an alleyway having his way with the raft and called the police.  The police report maintained that the “defendant advised officers…he has a problem and needs help.”
Brainerd, MN: A sleepy burglar? A burglar broke into a Brainerd home and promptly fell asleep at the scene of the crime. It appears the house was under renovation and no one was at home. He was still arrested. Police believe the thief was searching for copper pipes.
Bay. AK: It was his first flight in a plane.  Steven Lynn chartered a small plane to fly over his house so he could take some aerial photographs. What he actually saw was two thieves loading possessions from his home into a trailer and then driving away. Lynn had the pilot follow them and broad casted their location to police. Yes, the burglars were arrested.
Some coincidence huh?
Canada: A man in Vancouver was confronted by restaurant staff when he tried to leave without paying his bill. So, what did he do? He asked the waiter for a few minutes to raise the money owed and excused himself  and left the restaurant and allegedly robbed a nearby gas station.  He returned to the eatery and paid his tab. He was soon arrested by police.
No good deed goes unpunished!

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