Weird Criminal Law Stories 237

England: We have learned that a thief trying to steal copper from a hospital hid in an air duct for five hours after he thought he heard police. Unfortunately, he later found out that what he heard was another copper thief. Eventually, both thieves were arrested by police.
Hmmm…Copper thieves done in by coppers…
Denver, CO: Two robbers attired as clowns held up a costume jewelry store here. The clowns did not realize that the store only sold inexpensive costume jewelry for weddings. the victims say that the only thing real were the thieves’ guns.
Shelton, CT: It appears that a community activist who was angry because police were not writing enough parking tickets actually parked in a handicap parking. He then called police on himself. He had to make a dozen calls before police showed up. When police did show up they had to Taser him and then arrested him.
Boston, MA: Recently a Boston bank robber handed a demand note to a teller. She told the robber her window was closed. The robber moved to the next window to demand money but customers whom he had cut in front of protested so much about his cutting in line that the robber ran out of the bank empty handed.
What a dope …you don’t just cut in a bank line to commit a robbery! Wait your turn!

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