Weird Criminal Law Stories 236

Scottsdale, AZ:  Jobs are hard to come by in this economy.  This lady went from bad to worse.  The lady went to a home in Scottsdale to be interviewed for a position as a personal assistant and discovered the bodies of her two potential employers.  Both of them had been shot to death.

Don’t call us we’ll call you….NOT!

California: Stupid and drunk and now he is headed for the clink.  Rick Ehlert, 44, of Thousand Oaks pleaded guilty to breaking into  a restricted area of the cruise ship on which he was vacationing and fiddled with controls that dropped the ship’s anchor during the cruise.  He now faces up to 20 years in a federal prison.

Is it anchors a weigh or idiots away?

Apple Valley, CA:  There have been a number of stolen bases at ball games at the Apple Valley High School baseball field. However, recently someone stole the aluminum bleachers from the ball field.  Police suspect it may have been the work of metal thieves who sold the bleachers to metal recyclers.

Yes, we know — such crime was a “foul” play…

Atlanta, G: Who needs the real CSI?  After she took a youth CSI class Jessica Maple, 12, learned that her great grandmother’s house had been burglarized.  Jessica tracked some of the stolen items to a pawn shop where she learned the identity of the thief and tracked him down.  When confronted with the evidence he confessed.  Jessica went to the police with her evidence and told police she had done their job for them.  She is awaiting for the police to arrest the thief.

Jessica has much, too much energy.  Criminals beware…

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