Weird Criminal Law Stories 235

Vero Beach, FL: Aaron Richardson told police he had totally forgot he had been married in 2004 when he wed a second woman last year.  Despite his amnesia the police arrested him for bigamy.

It’s called “living double” and it can get you in big trouble…

California: An X-rated movie studio has accused a man of illegally watching hours of their porn.  The problem with their accusation is that the man is blind.  The sightless man, referred to as John Doe, was one of 3,500 people sued by the studio for illegal downloads.  Doe says he is innocent and has never watched any kind of X-rated porn movies because of his condition.

Perhaps, he jsut like hearing such movies!

ENGLAND: An alleged drunken man in Manchester decided to steal a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts from a store hit by the recent riots.  He had just  left an Alcohol Anonymous meeting and decided he would join the rioters.  Unfortunately, he was arrested and was sent to prison for 16 months.

Expensive donoughnuts, wouldn’t you say.

Seattle, WA: He’s been arrested again!  Ever since Tracy Lundeen 31, helped classmate Shawn Moul with his homework when they were in middle school 17 years ago, Moul has been stalking the woman. He has made threats, he has gone to her house and has sent her letters.  As a result of this behaviour Moul has been arrested more than 20 times over the past two decades. He now faces twenty years in prison as a repeat offender.

….and throw away the key!

Newport Richey, FL: Sharon and James Bullington asked Bank of America for a loan modification on their 1,591 square foot home last year when James fell terminally ill.  There was no  problem with the loan modification until Sharon sent the January mortgage payment to the bank a week early.  Bank of America foreclosed anyway.  Bank of America sent them a letter explaining that the foreclosure was a result of the early payment.  The letter explained that the payment had to be made “in the month in which it is due.”

How utterly stupid!

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