Weird Criminal Law Stories 234

Sacramento, CA: They say Marvin Lane, who had served time for robbery at Folsom Prison in 2009, apparently felt homesick for the joint, according to corrections officials. He had been caught trying break into Folsom.  Corrections officials contend that a growing number of former inmates have been caught sneaking in with illegal presents for friends they left behind.  However, in Lane’s case he was found with no contraband on him.  His motive is still a mystery to officials.

No mystery. He needed three free hots and a cot…  There are no jobs out there.

CANADA: The mayor of a small town near Montreal had a 20 ton boulder dumped onto his ex-wife’s lawn.  Dany Larivere maintained it was pay back for all of her harassment over the years. No report whether town machinery was used.

Now he has her between a rock and a hard place, yuk, yuk…

ITALY: Roman police have jailed some gladiator costumed hustlers who preyed on tourists and threatened rivals outside the Colosseum. The hustlers would pose for photos with sightseers, but then intimidate them into paying money or hold their cameras hostage. They were arrested when they jousted against rivals which included an undercover police officer.

Yes, Professor Birdsong saw some of these hustlers  this past summer when he visited the Colosseum while in Rome. They are real crafty.

Orlando, FL: We learn that Otelo Vizcaino  was amazed when an ATM showed his checking account balance to be $999,999,999.99. However, he could not use any of it because the bank computer had already frozen his account, and he could not access his own money that was in the account to pay his bills that day.

Poor little rich guy…

ENGLAND: An English woman was stunned when she returned home from a weekend trip to find that a group of squatters had moved in.  the uninvited squatters refused to leave and even invited her to enjoy a glass of wine with them,  Police were called and finally drove them out.  However, they had trashed the place and stolen many of her possessions.


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