Weird Criminal Law Stories 233

Polk County, FL: Alexxis Anthony a 19 year old Polk State College undergraduate allegedly attempted to delay taking an exam by calling in a  bomb threat.  There was no bomb.  It is reported that Alexxis said  that she was trying to give herself more time to study.  She may be expelled.

She sounds too dumb to be in college.

Beatrice, NE: A woman who wanted to put off her probation hearing because she was drunk asked two of her friends to stab her.  They did.  Jessalyn Stierwalt, 21, admitted what really happened while she was hospitalized with shoulder and stomach wounds.  Stierwalt has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit assault.  her friends were also so charged.

How silly! A conspiracy to commit an assault on one’s self. A waste of court time.

Chicago, IL: Police in Chicago have arrested a 10 year old boy and have charged him with train robbery!  We learn that the preteen was with a group of 10 to 14 year olds who jumped on a green line train and ripped a cell phone out of a man’s hand.

Train robbery? Doesn’t much sound like the “Dalton Gang” to me.

Arkansas: We learn that a woman who could be called an “extreme couponer” was arrested for the theft of 185 unsold Sunday newspapers that had been left outside a grocery store and  were destined to recycling. The woman told police that she just wanted the coupon inserts and claimed she had permission from  store workers.


CHINA: How about this idea? It is reported that huge punching bags are being installed on some platforms of the Beijing subway so that commuters can take out their frustrations without hurting fellow riders or transit employees.


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