Weird Criminal Law Stories 232

BRAZIL: A Brazilian prison has devised a new low tech alarm system.  How? They bought a pair of geese.  The overcrowded Sobral prison has stationed the two geese outside in positions where they can make noise when they see someone trying to escape. The geese are also expected to start honking if they see gang violence.

Bet it won’t be long before their goose is cooked…

UKRAINE: The country of Ukraine has made it illegal to give bears vodka in taverns! The country’s environmental minister made it illegal to stop the common practice of taverns keeping bears as pets and giving them alcohol to entertain patrons. The country is also building a detoxification center where the alcoholic bears can get sober and dry out.

Gosh, who the heck cleans up after those boozy bears?

CHINA: We learn that eight female police officers in Chengdu Province are patrolling on roller skates.  The officers are posted to Tianfu Square which is a tourist area that also attracts picpockets and drunks.  When they are not on skates the officers wear  three inch high heels.  A Chinese police official states that the high heels “make them look elegant but with authority.”

Hey buster — police do not need to be elegant they need to be police…

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Police report that a man walked into a bar named “Shooters,” pulled a handgun and pumped a bullet into the toilet in the men’s room.  The toilet was destroyed.  The report goes on to state that police “flushed” him out and arrested him soon after the shooting.

He took the name of the bar much too literally!

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