Weird Criminal Law Stories 245

University City, MO: Police in this St. Louis suburb arrested Damon Perry after a homeowner returned to his house to find the 36 year old burglar frying bacon on the stove.  Perry is a suspect in a string of other burglaries in the neighborhood.

Sizzle Sizzle…..

 TEXAS: A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit in federal court.  She is suing police for making her listen to Rush Limbaugh.  Bridgett Nickerson was arrested in Harris County for driving on the shoulder of a highway in October 2010. While the sheriff’s deputy drove her to jail, the car radio was broadcasting a Limbaugh show suing which Limbaugh allegedly made a “derogatory comments about black people,” according to her filed court complaint.  Boyd alleges that she is an African American.

Could this have been cruel and unusual punishment?

 Delhi, CA: Two burglars, a 19 year old and a juvenile, broke into a home from which they stole 50 compact discs.  They thought the discs were blank.  However, when they tried  to record music on them they discovered that they were filled with child pornography.  The burglars called the police and told them how and where they got the discs.  The owner was arrested and the grateful police declined to file burglary charges against the burglars.

Seek and ye shall find…

 Yuma, AZ: Don’t rob a bank when you’re hungry. A man walked into a Yuma bank armed with a knife, threatened a teller, and walked out with an undisclosed amount of cash.  He then decided to spend some of the money on beer and pizza at a restaurant just down the street from the bank.  A suspicious police officer spotted him and made an arrest.

Bet he was  an ex-con who wanted to go back to jail…


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