Weird Criminal Law Stories 246

ENGLAND: Recently, a British man was arrested for using his laptop, sipping coffee and writing down the answers to a radio quiz. Unfortunately, he was driving while doing all of this.

So much for multitasking…

TENNESSEE: A man on trial for a robbery used his trial lunch break to commit another robbery.  We learn that Mark Burgin allegedly robbed a jewelry store of $45,000 in goods while he was on trial for robbing a truck driver at knife point. We learn further that second arrest did not affect his trial because the judge kept the jurors from hearing about it…at least, until after they found him guilty.

Some people just can’t help themselves from thieven’…

  MINNESOTA: A man was arrested for allegedly stealing Freon from a neighbor’s air conditioner and inhaling the refrigerant. Brentyn Krueger, 36, was found slumped over his neighbor’s outdoor air conditioner units, according to the police report.

Can we say it was a “cool” arrest…?

Arden Hills, MN: Here’s one about another easy arrest.  Police did not have much trouble arresting a drunken man after he drove his car up to the gasoline pump at police headquarters and tried filling his tank. One officer said, “It’s humorous that someone would be arrested for DWI at police headquarters.”

This one was a drunken dummy!

  Taft, CA: A California porn star who is also a skydiving instructor may be in for trouble.  The porno skydiver was recently seen in a YouTube video posted online showing him jumping out of an airplane and having sex with a lady skydiver in midair. Police are still trying to discover whether Alex Torres’ sex dive broke any law.



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