Weird Criminal Law Stories 250

ITALY: This one is about a lady who was too well endowed.  Police report that a 33 year old model was arrested by Italian authorities trying to smuggle more than five pounds of cocaine in fake breast and buttock implants.  She had arrived at Rome’s airport, and her plunging neckline caught the eye of security officers. This led to a search and subsequent arrest.

Too much T&A….

Charles County, MD: Timothy Randall Clark picked the worst day to do his Christmas shoplifting. He was charged with attempting to steal more than $100 worth of video games from a Walmart on “Shop with a Cop Day,” a local charity event.  When security guards caught Clark allegedly sticking the games under his shirt they didn’t have to look far for a cop because they were all over.


Ogden, UT: Talk about karma.  Eldon Alexander, 36 and Korin Vanhouten, 47, had just been cited and released on shoplifting charges when they returned to their car – and found someone had broken into it.  Their stereo and amplifier, a drum machine and cigarettes worth about $60 had been stolen.  The couple had just been cited for pilfering $25 worth of goods.

Yes, what goes around comes around – again and again…

 ENGLAND: Here’s a chilling story from last Christmas.  A British teen wrote to Santa and threatened to kill him if she did get a BlackBerry, money, a new dress and – Justin Beiber for Christmas.  The 13 year old threatened to “hunt down” Santa’s reindeer and “serve their meat to homeless people.”

OMG, that’s cold….


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