More Weird Florida Criminal Law Stories 2012

Miami Gardens, FL: A woman was issued a red light camera ticket three months after she died.  Her sister Irene Lieberman, a County Commissioner, attempted to clear up the matter. Unfortunately, she learned, to her dismay, that death is not on the list of exceptions that allow the ticket to be quashed.

Right, this is so stupid! Just try collecting from the deceased…

Orlando, FL: It has been reported that police in Orlando thought they could be “flushing” out a group of terrorists.  Why? Well, they spotted a trailer marked with anti-government messages and a warning to “open At Your Risk.” They evacuated nearby buildings while a bomb squad officer gingerly went inside where he discovered two toilets and no terrorists.

A royal bust flush….

 Tampa, FL: Potato salad? A Tampa woman grabbed a knife and threatened her 80 year old father when he refused to share his potato salad at dinner.  His meal was interrupted when Karen Henry waved a blade in his face.  Her dad grabbed a chair to defend himself. 911 was called.  Karen was arrested.

We wonder what she had done if he had refused to give her a piece of his steak?

North Miami Beach, FL: A police officer and a police department employee got into trouble after they allegedly tried to get rid of the town’s new cost cutting city manager by sprinkling bird seed around his office as part of a Santeria rite. The duo hoped that the ritual would make the manager quit before he could institute budget cuts.


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