Weird Criminal Law Stories 251

GREECE:  Greek police have reported that a childless former police officer invented 19 bogus children in order to claim benefits for all of them.  He has been arrested.  Officials contend that the 54 year old divorced man quit his $1,300 a month job in 2001 and had been living on the benefits.


Chicago, IL: An injured woman has won the right to sue a dead man after his severed leg hit her.  The woman can pursue a claim against the estate of Hiroyuki Joho, 18, who walked in front of a train in 2008 and was killed.  His dismembered leg went flying onto the platform and struck Gayane Zokhrabov. An appeals court ruled that she could sue because he was responsible for getting in the trains path.

This in one grim story…

 Jupiter, FL: This one seems to be about “Judge Judy hate.” Janet Knowles, 62, allegedly attacked her husband with a hammer recently.  Police report that she was “upset because Judge Judy was on television.” She was charged with aggravated battery and using a deadly weapon.  The police report does not reveal why she hates Judge Judy.

There are so many haters out there….

INDIANA: A handcuffed drug suspect stole a small Indiana town’s only police car – then radioed in to the police station to ask where the vehicle’s cigarette lighter was located.  William F. Blankenship, 22, allegedly stole the car on a Thursday and was found a few days later.  The vehicle had been wrecked and submerged in water authorities said. Blankenship is still missing.

Did the police drag the water for his body?





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