Weird Criminal Law From Overseas

SWEDEN: We learn that a Swedish train passenger was sentenced to prison for getting high and taking off his clothes.  The unidentified man was travelling from Gothenburg to Orebro when he got high on pot, took off his clothes and walked through the train asking other passengers to have sex with him.

Did he ask both men and women to have sex with him?

 AUSTRALIA: Police are looking for “The Bumcrack Bandit.” Authorities say the female felon held up a hotel bar and the only clue is a surveillance video of the woman making her getaway with her pants hung low which exposed her butt crack (or “bumcrack,” as they say in Australia). Police are now asking the public’s help in identifying the behind behind the theft.


 ITALY: A 99 year old Italian husband is jealous, real jealous.  The man who lives in Naples hopes to live to be 100. He is the father of five children.  He got so mad when he learned that his wife of 77 years had engaged in an affair he divorced her, even though the affair had ended 60 years ago, according to the hidden love letters that he recently found.

Yep, he would have been better off not knowing….

EGYPT: “Brainy” smugglers? Egyptian customs officers confiscated 420 pounds of frozen cow brains that three Sudanese travelers were trying to sneak into the country. We understand that the brains, considered a tasty menu item in restaurants, could have netted the men $1,500, but were confiscated because authorities could not be certain that the brains had been properly preserved.




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