Weird Criminal Law Stories # 328:Mary Jane?

VERMONT:  William Reynolds, 73, was given a $200 ticket by St. Johnsbury police who seized a 2 ½-foot-tall marijuana plant from his apartment.  Reynolds maintained he found seeds and grew them without knowing he had planted marijuana. Police acknowledge that Reynolds had no other plants and that there was no evidence he was a marijuana user.

Yeah right!   You know that once that plant got three feet tall Reynolds was going to become a marijuana user. Old people do this kind of thing regularly. Everybody loves Mary Jane!


WASHINGTON:  A Seattle man made thousands of dollars finding homes for people. The problem, though, was the homes were not his to give.  Peter Dance was sentenced to two years in prison for setting up tenants in foreclosed properties that did not belong to him and collecting the rent.

Dance sounds like a real entrepreneur!


OKLAHOMA:  An Oklahoma man is in the hospital after chasing down burglars and then being shot by a confused neighbor.  The wacky turn of events occurred a few weeks ago when Joshua Snow, of Owasso, saw burglars outside breaking into his car. Snow grabbed his gun and ran outside in his boxers to stop the bandits. However, when he banged on neighbor jimmy Null’s door for help, Null blasted him with and a 12-gauge shot gun. No arrests were made.

Null sounds  a bit dull in the head….


RHODE ISLAND: A Cranston truck driver recently pleaded guilty in a conspiracy scheme to steal $430,000 in used cooking oil that he pumped from tanks at hundreds of restaurants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Anthony Simone, Sr., 53, was in league with two other men who sold the cooking oil for use in biofuel and animal feed.

Yep, there can be gold in those drums of old cooking oil – but you can’t steal them for resale.



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