Weird Criminal Law Stories # 330: Fork in the Road?

GEORGIA: We learn that police in Statesboro have found the town’s beloved “fork in the road.” The 7-foot-tall, 150 pound steel sculpture had stood as a bolted down landmark for a local business whose owner would direct customers to “look for the fork in the road.” The fork was found leaning on a telephone pole outside of town.

I don’t give a fine tine!


MICHIGAN: A female custodian at Campus Elementary School in Grand Rapids was fired for allegedly offering to pay two fourth graders $1 each to beat up another student. The targeted student had allegedly made disparaging remarks about the custodian.

Grade school fight club….


OKLAHOMA: A burglar was arrested by police in Oklahoma City after he stopped to take a dump in the homeowner’s bathroom and forgot to flush the toilet. Detectives obtained a DNA sample from feces that was left on toilet paper and linked it to Charles Williams, 20.

The headline read: “The Burglar’s crime really stank.”


MICHIGAN: A judge in Lansing fined a cell phone user for contempt of court. Judge Hugh Clarke, Jr. fined himself $50 after his own cell phone rang during a sentencing hearing. He said his integrity was at stake after he had ordered everyone in attendance to turn off their cell phones.

Ironic, no?


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