Weird Criminal Law Stories # 362: Sexual Integrity Violated

SWEDEN: OMG! A police officer was docked five days’ pay after he recorded a hot sex tape, while in uniform, in a police headquarters dressing room.  He then sent the tape to a police colleague he had never met. Authorities ruled that the officer sexually molested the colleague and “violated their sexual integrity” by sending the sexy footage, according to reports.


FLORIDA: We have learned that an autistic Florida boy will be allowed to keep his chickens. J.J. Hart loved his chickens which brought joy to his life and halted his temper tantrums. His mother had given him his first chicken and it had a soothing effect on him. However, after a local law allowing people to keep chickens at home expired, officials proceeded to remove the chickens. After his parents threatened to sue, the City Council of DeBarry voted to let J.J. keep his chickens at their home.


SWEDEN: A 27-year-old man was exonerated of drug charges after he told authorities he unknowingly ate a cake laced with THC, the chemical found in marijuana. A court in Ostersund cleared the man after finding he had accidently eaten the substance.  He had been arrested during a traffic stop on his way home from a dinner party.


FLORIDA: Jacksonville police say Brian Jeffers stole $200 in a holdup at a sandwich shop. The shop was next door to a convenience store where Jeffers had borrowed $3 from a clerk.  He was arrested when he returned to the convenience store to repay the $3 debt with the stolen money.


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