Weird Criminal Law Stories # 363: Goat Rape…

KENYA: Baaaaa! Baaaaa! A rapist was convicted in Kenya after testimony from the victim – a goat. Katana Kitsao Gona was forced to be confronted by his accuser in a courtroom when officials brought in the goat at his bestiality trial and the goat, reportedly, started bleating repeatedly. Gona, who had been found naked with the animal in a farmer’s field, was found guilty and given a ten year prison sentence.


FLORIDA: A lazy, lazy thief failed to knock over a Wendy’s in Miramar when he tried to hold it up from inside his car at the drive through window.  Although he had a gun, the clerk simply closed the service window and went to call police. The would-be robber drove away but was soon caught and arrested.


SWEDEN: It’s called probable cause! A teenage girl was arrested for robbing $370 in cash from a hamburger restaurant in Halmstad, after she posed for a bathroom-mirror photo holding the knife she used in the robbery.  Police found the image on her cell phone when they went to her home to investigate, and then made the arrest. Sounds as if she wanted to go to jail.


ENGLAND: The headline read: “Being an incorrigible rogue is no longer illegal.” The British Ministry of Justice reported that the offense, created in the early 19th century, was one of more than 300 obsolete offenses which have been abolished over the past year. The legislative history reveals that the 1824 Vagrancy Act was passed to deter and punish “idle and disorderly persons.” The law defined an “incorrigible rogue” as a homeless person who resisted arrest or escaped confinement. Oh so British!




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