Weird Criminal Law # 365: Extreme Candy Crush

IOWA: Extreme candy crush? We learn that Robert McKay of Spirit Lake was fired for using maximum force when his Twix candy bar became stuck in the vending machine. McKay commandeered a forklift, picking up the vending machine at least six times and dropping it onto the concrete floor, according to a report by the Iowa State Unemployment records office. He was fired several days later.


MARYLAND:  What a doofuss!  Robert Wilson, 42, bungled his bank robbery attempt horrible a few weeks ago when he dropped more than $20,000 he stole on the floor of the bank. He struggled to collect the cash in an upturned umbrella – then slipped on an icy sidewalk as he fled, cutting his head open. By the time he got to his getaway car, police were already in pursuit. They soon captured and arrested him. He is on his way to federal prison.


CALIFORNIA: Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, sting, sting. A two car accident near L.A. turned into a brutal attack by more than 600 bees when one of the vehicles careened into their hive and unleashed an horribly angry swarm. Each of the drivers in the crash reportedly was stung hundreds of times as they tried to exchange insurance information.


CALIFORNIA: They should have sent this pie back before eating it! A family in L.A. got high after a restaurant allegedly served them a pizza topped with marijuana-laced mushrooms. Ana Fairlane felt strange after eating a slice, and her 10-year-old grandson went berserk, she claimed.  “He started cursing, going off, talking wildly, and running out of the restaurant butt naked,” she said. They both tested positive for the drug according a police report. A lawsuit will surely soon be filed against the restaurant  by the Fairlanes.



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