Weird Criminal Law # 373: What’s in a name?

IDAHO: My, my, what’s in a name? Arrested for allegedly stealing goods from unlocked cars in Boise was the young lady with quite a name: Amanda Miranda Panda. Panda and her boyfriend Tristen Parsons, both 18, were charged with three felony counts of burglary from automobiles. Authorities theorize that her name is derived from a once popular children’s book, Miranda the Panda is on the Veranda.


WASHINGTON: The headline on this one read: “Chair today, gone tomorrow.” It has been reported that a man took house swapping to new heights when he traded furniture with his unwitting neighbors while they were away. The Washington state man allegedly swapped out his neighbor’s love seat and matching chair by replacing them with his recliner and TV stand. Not surprisingly, police report the man was drunk when he decided to switch the furniture.


WASHINGTON: A burglar high on LSD trashed a neighbor’s Seattle apartment and then identified himself as “24” super spy jack Bauer. The suspect, David Stolte, 30, broke into the couple’s apartment, rearranged their belongings, put a frozen crab in a closet, place cat litter in the kitchen sink and clothes in the bathtub. He also took credit card from the man’s wallet and jammed them in a muffin. When police found Stolte crouching in an alley outside the building he told them his name was jack Bauer – of course they did not believe him and quickly arrested him.


ENGLAND: Could there be any evidence that the Queen had something to do with this? It has been discovered that a species of hallucinogenic mushrooms have been growing wild on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth’s main residence. Filmmakers found the red and white fly agaric fungus as they shot a documentary on the 40-acre private estate. A British TV station has reported that “fly agaric is well known to contain psychoactive alkaloids.



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