Weird Criminal Law #372: He used his head

FLORIDA: So how long have you had that headache, mister? A bandit in Orlando broke into a convenience store by literally bashing in the front door with his head. The hardheaded crook shattered the glass at the sunshine Food Mart in Orlando and made off with $10,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets. The owner of the mart immediately contacted the Florida Lottery Commission and all the scratch-off tickets were cancelled before any could be used.


GEORGIA: The headline for this one read: “What a panty waste.” A woman stole 785 pairs of sexy underwear at a Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day sale at an Atlanta mall. The bandit stuffed $10,000 worth of garments into three shopping bags and bolted from the store. She was seen on video wearing a red hat and tennis shoes – appropriate for Valentine’s Day.


ALABAMA: He told the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth! A truck driver claims he crashed his truck because he was trying to pull out a loose tooth while driving. He was ticketed by police. However, the self-employed driver presented the tooth to prove to police that the tooth was to blame. No one was injured. No word on whether the ticket was quashed.



IDAHO: It’s about time their Legislature did some meaningful work… The Idaho Legislature has taken steps to get rid of a 151-year-old law giving Idaho authority if a person wounded in a duel in another stated dies within its borders. The original law was passed in 1864, after former vice President Aaron Burr and former treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton sparred in a legendary New Jersey duel. Hamilton died in New York and both states charged Burr with murder.


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