Weird Criminal Law Stories # 371: No Graveyard Champagne

FRANCE: SACRE BLUE! One would think you could drink champagne in a French graveyard. However, a widow found out the hard way that wasn’t true when gendarmes spotted her sipping champagne at her husband’s gravestone and arrested her for public drinking.


AUSTRALIA: Dirty dancing, maybe? A man was such a bad dancer that it got him kicked out of a club and even led to his arrest.  The 20-year-old was booted because his dancing was deemed “reckless.”  Police were called when the young man started tipping over signs on his way out, and was arrested after he slammed his fist into a police car.  “Bad moves all around,” a police officer said, “Some people should not drink and dance.”


ENGLAND: He had to file a formal complaint… How dare she refuse to have sex with him! It has been reported that a man was so unhappy with the service he received from his local prostitute that he reported her to the better business bureau. The man also complained to the Harrow City Council that the “pro” refused to have sex with him. He was so mad; he even waded through the red tape. “He filled in the complaint form pretty seriously and gave us his contact details,” said one of the town officials who registered the complaint.



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