Weird Criminal Law Stories # 370: No Wee Wee Here!

COLORADO: A “wee” bit of exasperation, maybe? Traffic congestion is causing this homeowner problems. Construction-related traffic jams on US Highway 36 have been resulting in motorists regularly pulling over to relieve themselves in the back yard of Pinewood Springs resident Mr. J. K. As a result he has been forced to post a sign in his yard reading: “Don’t P Here!”


AUSTRALIA: Where could the Big Mango Be? Police in Queensland have been on the lookout for a 30-foot mango. Queensland’s famous Big Mango statute was stolen last February by thieves who used trucks and cranes to haul away the massive landmark. Police are certain they will find the crooks. Until then we learn that Australians still have a number of other large fruit statues, including The Big Banana, The Big Pineapple and the Big Strawberry.


ARIZONA: They have dubbed him the “beer baron of Arizona.”  Anthony V, an 18-year-old teenager, was arrested in March in Phoenix for allegedly robbing 43 Circle K convenience stores and taking 233 12 packs of beer over eight months. The thefts reportedly totaled more than $5,000.


SCOTLAND: Yep, the odds were against him. A man tried to hold up a bookmaker’s joint with a cucumber. The bandit had stuffed the cuke into a black sock so that it looked, somewhat like a gun and demanded money from the bookies at Ladbrokes in Glasgow. A worker laid odds that the cucumber was not really a weapon and refused to hand over any cash. An off-duty police officer who just happened to be making bets with the legal bookmakers at the time then made the arrest. The bandit still wonders what were the odds of an off-duty police officer being there just when he attempted the heist!

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