Weird Criminal Law Stories # 369: The New Black!

VIRGINIA: Flesh tone is the new black… A woman forgot one thing while visiting her husband in jail – her clothes. The drunken 26-year-old showed up at the county jail in Arlington wearing only her birthday suit. Corrections officers gave her two options: Spend the night in jail or take a cab home. They provided her with a blanket and she chose the cab.


NIGERIA: Will the goat be required to take the witness stand? A 20-year-old man provided three good reasons why it was OK for him to have had sex with a goat. First, Malamand Kamisu said he owned the goat. Second he said he asked the goat’s permission, and third, he told police, that he had sex with animals more than ten times before and had never been arrested. Despite his cogent defenses police charged him with Bestiality. A conviction could send him to prison for five years.


PENNSYLVANIA: A horsey aider and abettor? It has been reported that a driver fled from a hit-and-run in a one-horsepower vehicle.
Police are looking for the person at the reins of the Amish buggy who galloped from the scene of the accident. The four wheeled, horse drawn vehicle allegedly rammed a Honda CRV on a road in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Police, further, report they are also looking for the horse as an accomplice.


ENGLAND:  What a great idea! A school has banned teachers from grading papers with red pens because they deemed the color red to be too mean. “I think it was felt that red ink was very negative color,” said one official. The teachers have also been told to write at least two positive things about every assignment.





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