Weird Criminal Law # 368: “Dung Love?”

WASHINGTON: Was it young love or dung love – you decide. A man on a romantic stroll with his girlfriend in Seattle decided he wanted to climb a tank at a sewage-treatment plant. Unfortunately, he ended up falling into a giant vat of feces. Firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue the 23-year-old, who admitted that he had taken drugs before his beach adventure near Puget Sound. Pheeewwweee!


 VIRGINIA: The worst possible ID theft of all time? A man by the name of Yafait Tadesse, 21, was recently convicted of identity theft. So, why is this news? Because Tadesse filed tax returns bearing the name of the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who Tadesse claimed worked at Walmart. The false tax returns did include Mr. Holder’s actual Social Security number and had been filed in 2012 and 2013 in an effort to seek bogus refunds. Yes, Tadesse is going to jail!


ENGLAND: Dig this… Crooks pulled off a robbery of a store – with a shovel.  The thieves, after digging a 50-foot tunnel, sneaked into a Tesco supermarket in Manchester and stole $150,000 from the business’ cash boxes.  Police say they are looking for “people acting suspiciously, possibly covered in soil.”


ENGLAND: Hi Ho Silver… A 65-year-old lady has been charged under a 147-year-old British law that bans people from riding horses “furiously” around town. Ms. Elizabeth Miller allegedly galloped at full speed past a woman and child who became so frightened that they went to the police.  Authorities say the 1867 law is still relevant because it encourages “equine safety.”



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