Weird Criminal Law # 367: Dumped!

WASHINGTON: Imagine being awakened in the morning by after being thrown into the back of a dump truck! A man, woman, and their dog were asleep in a Spokane dumpster when a city trash truck threw them and all the other contents into the truck’s compactor. We learn no one was hurt because the garbage hauler heard the couple’s screams in time not to crush them. Disaster averted!!

KANSAS: Always chew your food thoroughly when stealing it! It has been reported that a 48-year-old man nearly choked to death in a Wichita Mexican restaurant when he barged in, ran to the buffet counter and started shoving handfuls of hot pork into his mouth. He began choking and was rushed to a local hospital where medical personnel saved his life. Nevertheless, police say theft charges will be pursued against the man.


SOUTH CAROLINA: The headline read: it may be OK to put Mom in a home, but it’s never OK to put her in a trunk. A 20-year-old Virginia man was arrested in South Carolina after police found his mother in the trunk of his car at a rest stop. We learn the woman was not injured but no info on why the son put her in the trunk. So weird, huh…


TEXAS: The headline read: “He is no rising star.” Last February federal prosecutors obtained an indictment for William Keley, the disgraced former police chief of the town of Rising Star, Texas, for allegedly pawning $4 million worth of law enforcement equipment, including a machine gun. A real “pawn star.”





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