Weird Criminal Law Stories # 409: Sticker Shock

OREGON: Cell phone bill sticker shock! Ken Slusher of the town of Damascus expected his cellphone bill to be around $120. So he was very stunned when Verizon advised him that he owed them $2.2 Million! In an apology, Verizon blamed “a programming error in an automate voice-response system that cause him to receive an incorrect message that he owed over $2 Million.


CONNECTICUT: She needed a spell checker on her key. A 20-year-old woman from Stamford, who was seeking revenge on her philandering boyfriend allegedly, used a key to scratch the word “wore” into the side of the victim’s vehicle. Police report. Obviously, she meant to scratch the word “whore.” Nevertheless, the misspelling landed her in jail on a second-degree criminal mischief charge.


CHINA: Free Airport Eats? A Chinese man found that you could get a free lunch if you ate at the airport. The man managed to scam months’ worth of free meals in the VIP lounge at the Xi’an Airport in Shaanxi by buying a first class ticket, and then switching his flight to the next day after he ate. The man continued to switch the flight over and over until the ticket expired, when he just cancelled it.


NEW YORK: You would have thought he had seen enough women’s’ plumbing in his practice. It has been revealed that a disgraced Manhattan urologist who pleads guilty to using a hidden camera in the bustling Union Square subway station to film up a woman’s skirt was granted a no- jail plea deal in 2014. Dr. Adam Levinson, who was fired from Mount Sinai Medical Center in the wake of his arrest was sentenced to five years’ probation.

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